For more than 20 years, Catch The Vision has devoted its energy to helping young people develop charactor and leadership skills. For over 12 years, Xcel Strategies has provided a network of wise, seasoned, and professionally trained  mentors whose mission is to fuel young people with purpose.

Jay Thompson

Founder and CEO of Xcel Strategies, Inc

A Collaboration

Xcel Strategies Inc joins forces with Catch The Vision to take their programs national.

Lou Giardino

CEO of Crescita Management and Author

A strong message and a guiding hand!

Our goal is to expand our programs locally, nationally and internationally. Catch The Vision Mentoring is a vocal advocate for those who want to find a way to help themselves. We will travel to every corner of the globe to help young people and families find purpose.

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Catch The Vision Mentoring

Wwworkforce development isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round programs get so much attention. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, contact us now!


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  • North Georgia
  • South Florida
  • Rochester, NY (coming soon)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (coming soon)

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xcel strategies training is now coming to you!

Our Outreach team is working with new communities all over the country. JD Hill and Jay Thompson are speaking to civic groups, government, and business on how they can bring a Catch The Vision/Xcel Strategies Chapter to your home town.

Xcel's unique method of reaching out to the students


Imagine instead of getting up and going to school, school came right to your neighborhood! There's nothing really different about the content students learn, but was IS different is the DELIVERY. Mobile traing units equipped with tools and equipment goes right where it's needed.

  • Bryan County, Georgia
  • Chatham County, Georgia
  • Effingham County, Georgia
  • Fulton County, Georgia


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Our Mission

JD Hill

NFL All Pro Football legend and Founder of Catch The Vision: